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As you may know, technology products had a huge impact on our lives. Gone are the days when all you can do to your mobile device is just send an SMS or call someone.

Did you know that 83.32% of the population in the world has smartphones today? That’s a lot of smartphones but then I believe that it will increase more in the future.

Mobile app downloads for Q1 2022 reached a whopping 36.8 million downloads combining both Google Play Store and Apple App store. That’s a lot and still increasing and you see mobile products will stay.

But then again there’s the issue of the app stores having an overflowing of mobile apps how do you devise a plan and strategy to make sure your product succeeds, how do you prioritize so that you can make sure your product succeeds, Let me help you with that by sharing strategies or plans and how you prioritize things, stuff like that you know product management stuff. Convinced already? consider subscribing so that you never miss an update.

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Rommel Azucena

Writing newsletter about mobile product management. Been a mobile app developer for 10 years, head of the mobile development team I thought writing software is my main passion but I discovered it's product management.